Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Welcome to Hambleton Hall

While I like and appreciate Georgian Architecture, I am fascinated, along with thousands of others, by the Victorian era. I spent quite a while searching for a suitable property, deciding that if I was going to have one - I was going to have a big one!

My aim with this house is be as accurate as I possibly can be to 1880. Why this date? I chose this particular date because it gave me licence to put in plumbing, a telephone and electricity. OK, so the inhabitants would have had to be supremely wealthy, but I decided as it was my world, I could get away with it.

The House is an mdf kit with eight rooms in the main house and three in the basement. There are also four hallways and I made the top floor hallway slightly larger as I figured I didn't need a huge bathroom and I also divided one of the attic rooms into two.

The main body of the house is painted with a textured paint and the roof tiles are self adhesive. I still have quite a bit of work to do to the exterior of the building.

What you see to date is the result of five years work (interrupted by another property, I may say) but I'm in no rush and thoroughly enjoying all the research.


  1. Hi,

    this is just a brilliant miniature house. I really like the way the detail is accurate to a year and I'm amazed you've managed to find so many realistic items.

  2. hallo
    Het is een prachtig huis,ik heb hem ook.
    groetjes Marja


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