Friday, 26 April 2013

I've been Etsy shopping

I have a habit of saying "I like to see things inside things" when viewing other peoples minis -    cabinets full of toiletries, drawers with little personal items, cupboards with food items and utensils, shelves filled with books and scrolls but as yet, I've still to do that with my cabinets and drawers.
The nudge I needed came when Pedrete  shared his photo of a beautifully filled drawer and this picture has stayed in my mind.   I have even been back a few times for another look.
Pedrete makes the loveliest mini gloves I have seen so I definitely had to have a pair of those.   Even the box is a little work of art! 
I am also now the proud owner of one of Pedrete's little bags (and another box!)
Not only that, I also have a lovely little selection of sewing accessories and fashion plates.
Thank you Pedrete for giving me the nudge I needed to fill those drawers and thank you too for the wonderful minis you make.   Your Etsy shop is well worth a visit!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My first fair of the year.

I can't believe I haven't posted here since the end of last year.   That's terrible!

I visited a fair today and as most of the items are for the Servant's Room in this property, I thought I'd post the pic of my purchases here.
It wasn't a big fair and on arriving and looking around I really thought I was going to be disappointed but after making the first circuit, that turned out not to be the case although there were a few of the usual exhibitors missing.
I didn't have a list this time as I knew pretty much what I wanted.   One thing I did notice was a lot of the fancy accessories, ie. perfume trays, dainty gloves, handkerchiefs, etc. all the little things that add so much to a room and are usually hand made, they were all stuck down!   I saw a lot of dressing tables, cabinets, display tables etc all beautifully dressed and accessorised but the little items weren't available separately.   I thought that was a shame although perhaps my wallet didn't!
Anyway, I did get cornicing, a chest of drawers, trunk, bag, basket, mirror and pillows - all for Hambleton Hall and also a slightly smaller hat stand for my Edinburgh Emporium project.   I think the one I have at the moment stands too tall.   I also picked up a couple of bags of findings to add to my little collection.
One other thing I got (and it wasn't intentional) was this wooden knife - RL size.   I've noticed at the few fairs I manage to get to that the caterers are no longer offering wooden stirrers - I wonder why? lol!   When I got to the table, ready to tuck into the lovely pastry I'd bought, I discovered I had picked up two knives (they were a bit more substantial than the plastic ones also available).   It seemed daft to take the extra one back as I'm sure I can find a mini use for it .............maybe!   All suggestions gratefully received.


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