Friday, 26 April 2013

I've been Etsy shopping

I have a habit of saying "I like to see things inside things" when viewing other peoples minis -    cabinets full of toiletries, drawers with little personal items, cupboards with food items and utensils, shelves filled with books and scrolls but as yet, I've still to do that with my cabinets and drawers.
The nudge I needed came when Pedrete  shared his photo of a beautifully filled drawer and this picture has stayed in my mind.   I have even been back a few times for another look.
Pedrete makes the loveliest mini gloves I have seen so I definitely had to have a pair of those.   Even the box is a little work of art! 
I am also now the proud owner of one of Pedrete's little bags (and another box!)
Not only that, I also have a lovely little selection of sewing accessories and fashion plates.
Thank you Pedrete for giving me the nudge I needed to fill those drawers and thank you too for the wonderful minis you make.   Your Etsy shop is well worth a visit!


  1. Oh my goodness - these miniatures are delightful :)

  2. It is some lovely purchases you've made. It's great to find and buy some minis that means something special for one.

  3. hallo
    Je hebt weer mooie spulletjes.
    ben weg van het tasje
    groetjes Marja

  4. Oooh! OOOOOHHH! Oh How Beautiful the little gloves and bag are!!! And the vintage fashion plates!!! And the sewing things!!! They look so real! So are we going to see the drawers filled now??? LOL!

  5. Lovely. :)

    I am amused though. I was thinking about a wardrobe this morning and decided it would have to have something hanging in it as inspired by Irene who always has things in drawers and cupboards, now I read you don't! (or didn't :D)

  6. Lovely acquisitions, Irene! That purse is gorgeous! I love the added touch of the pearls on the gloves!

  7. Hi Irene, I love your purchases I have been eyeing off Pedrete's things lately too, they look like little treasures. They will look lovely in your drawers and cupboards.

  8. LOL :-)
    I was the first customer to Pedrete, on Etsy, and I'm so excited by my purchase (I still have not shown it on the blog), so I understand your joy :-)
    Pedrete is the miniature's Christian Dior!
    Love all your purchases
    Mini lovely hugs,

  9. I admire Pedrete's work a lot and I'm very happy to see that you have some of his miniatures now. These treasures are perfect for Hambleton Hall.

  10. Hi Irene!

    Many thanks for this article, I am much excited to see my work on your blog!

    A big hug and thanks a million!

  11. Hello Irene! It is wonderful that you have these beautiful items to adorn your Hambelton Hall with! The grey gloves with the pearl buttons are very elegant and the evening purse and the sewing accessories are delightful. Sweet purchases. I love the little extra touch of the attached labels. Very Smart, along with the store boxes, but I hope that they will not all be hidden away inside of drawers!?


  12. Hi Irene,

    those are lovely purchases! Pedrete certainly makes beautiful things!!

    Andy xx


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