Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Servant's Room

This is the last room to be dealt with in Hambleton Hall and it's taken me since 2005 to get here!

I've decided to call my servant Janey and she's a Parlour Maid.   Although I don't put figures in my properties I still like to have some idea of who they are and what they would be like as it helps me with decorating and furnishing a room.
Her room is situated in the attic, top right and is a decent sized space.    The wallpaper was purchased online and when put in place, it looked far too white and bright for a room that was probably decorated years ago and then ignored so I set about it with a used tea bag and that dulled it down a bit.   It did feel odd however, attacking such lovely fresh looking paper!
In order to give the room a bit more perspective, a cupboard was added at the back and I can imagine that this would lead to additional attic space.
A hole was pre-drilled to accommodate a wall light and a channel created for the candle light still to be purchased.

I was all set to fix in the cornice today but realised I couldn't until the candle light has been wired into place so that little job is on hold for the moment, as is the placing of the skirtings.  
It was too tempting not to have a little play!
I'm now working on bits and pieces to put in the drawers and in her box, which will make a useful bedside surface.


  1. Hello Irene,
    It is a charming room. I lvoe the paper and the linens are just perfect! You always add such great detail to your room and I think the cupboard really adds life and dimension to the room. Lucky Janey! I love the doors!
    Big hug,

  2. Brilliant idea to tea stain the wallpaper. It is a lovely room. The cupboard adds another aspect of realism. The bed it so fresh and pretty.

  3. This is a very nice room. I love the bed and how you dressed it.

  4. I like this room, it is important to know who the person is sleeping in the room, it makes a big difference. Can't wait to see the room finished

  5. Hi Irene! I love the wallpaper pattern and it was such a good idea to age it with tea. It must make such a huge difference. I love the door to the cupboard. It's so ancient looking and creates atmosphere. I love how you have dressed your bed. It looks clean and orderly but not fancy as a servant's bed of those days would have been.

  6. Brilliant idea with the built-in closet, it gives something special to the room, some atmosphere. Your bed is so well prepared, I love the way you have dressed it.

  7. I have used the 'tea trick' it does give a wonderful aged look. I love your cupboard too, rooms with cupboards and doorways always make me want to explore further. It's going too be a lovely room
    Julia x

  8. The cupboard is the perfect touch - it adds so much realism! This is a lovely maid's room, aged paper and all.

  9. Hello Irene! I agree about the tea stains making a difference on the PLUS side. I bet your heart was beating rapidly as you took the first swipe at the paper with it? I also had to age the paper in the Parlor of #43 and I was saying a little prayer the whole time that it was going to work as planned.
    Your closet with the Fabulous door is wonderful! Will you have it with belongings hanging up inside or is it permanently closed?


  10. Hi Irene,

    The Spurtle and Rock arrived today, many thanks, couldn't resist and had a stick of rock after dinner tonight!!

    The maid's room looks very cosy, the bed looks very comfortable, no doubt she will need her bed each evening with all the hard work she has to do all day!

    The fake door is very clever too!

    Andy xx


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