Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bits and Bobs

Inspired by the very talented Pedrete and following through with my statement that I love to see drawers, cabinets and boxes with contents, I've been busy creating a few bits and bobs for Janey, the Parlour Maid in Hambleton Hall.
The wash stand is in need of a towel rail and some tiles and I'm working on those but this is what I've managed to come up with so far.
On the wash stand there's a little writing case.   It actually contains envelopes and writing paper but since I didn't take a photo before tying it shut and the chances of getting the bow tied if I open it are pretty slim, you take it from me, they are in there!
There's a fancy box she kept from some long ago gift that contains some family photographs and a box of violet soap that she keeps for her afternoon off.  
I also had a go at making a hairbrush, nail brush and toothbrush - certainly not to David Edwards' very high standard but I'm happy with them given I've not done anything like that before.
Below sits her box.   This was the only item a servant would have to hold their personal belongings - I find it also doubles up as a very useful bedside surface.
In the box there is a length of fabric for her to make herself a dress and of course the obligatory family bible given to her by her mother when she went into service and which will hopefully keep her on the straight and narrow!   The final item is a little romance she enjoys reading when she finally manages to get some time to herself.



  1. Hello Irene,
    Wonderful work! It adds so much life to the scene. It feels like she was at her desk and just ran out. I cannot wait to see the wash stand finished.
    Big hug,

  2. Would you like a nice bonnet for this room, I have one I purchased for my maid and now it's not required, please email me marlenejjones@gmail with your address, you can see it if you pop to Somerset house look under accessories

  3. Wonderful work! I wonder how you managed to make the hairbrush, etc..., they are amazing.

  4. Hi Irene! Everything is so lovely and your little brushes are absolutely perfect. They are so well done! It must have been difficult to make them! I love the idea that she uses her special soap on her day off. Wise girl! Perhaps when she has a rendez-vous with her beau. By the way, I am still eating those wonderful Edinburgh Castle Rock candies you sent me. They are so mouth melting delicious. I am making them last for as long as I can. Again, thank you so much!

  5. Beautiful scene, I love the color you have given your desk and your wooden boxes. Fine details you have done. I look forward to seeing more.

  6. Irene your little scene and all the little details are perfect as always

  7. Hi honey
    I love the drawers, they look so inviting - you want to have a good rummage!
    I really like the blue fabric in the last picture.
    Much love
    Si x

  8. Hello Irene,
    you have captured the moment very well, it's just like she left a second ago.
    Love all the little items; was it hard to make the brushes?

  9. Hi Irene! I Love the details you have added... they bring so much life and character to this room.... as you say you never have the Little People in sight.... but you know who they are!!! You are so good at finding and making all the finishing touches for your rooms! This maid is obviously a Sweet girl!

  10. Just beautiful Irene, you always have such lovely detail that create a story. Always a pleasure to see what your doing.

    ML Fi XX


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