Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Hall

Again, I've the made curtains and the pelmets are laser cut kits.

I spend quite a while searching for just the right style of curtain heading and also the best fabric. I've never had any luck purchasing fabric at local fairs so it all has to be purchased online, which can be quite tricky getting the actual colours right. So far, I've been very lucky!

A closer view showing the "silent companion". These were popular in the 1700/1800s and could be used to deter staff from gossiping or even helping themselves - if they thought there was someone lurking in the shadows! They could also be placed in the windows of an unoccupied house to deter possible burglars.

This is a picture of the stained glass window in detail. It came as a
pre-formed leaded window and I added the "stained glass" effect
with glasspaints. The frame was put together using spare window
frames and trimmed and shaped cornicing to finish off the bottom.
It also stands proud of the wall allowing space for two bulbs.

There are four levels here and it took me quite some time to complete this as I kept putting off tackling the staircase. The carpet works it's way from the ground floor, round each landing and up each staircase to the top as one continuous piece. This took some working out and was achieved eventually using a paper template for each landing.

The ground floor hall has a shelf for mail and the dinner gong, the first floor landing features a stained glass window, the second floor landing has a wall shelf with a vase of flowers and the third floor has a "silent companion". Further work has been carried out on the third floor hall and I'll post a picture of that later.


  1. Hi,

    well done on the staircase - looks superb. Very detiled and all so accurate!

  2. Hello, dear Irene! How are you? Today I wanted to ask you where you purchased this delightful miniature Dummy Board. I am very interested in something like this for Bethany. Can you give me some addresses? Or is it something that you did?


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