Monday, 26 October 2009

The Dining Room

Again, I've made the curtains for this room and the pelmets are padded.

By the time I got to this point, the panelling had changed colour, the wall lights had moved from the chimney breast to the back wall and the chain was back on the chandelier. I'm much happier with it the way it looks now and other than some little items for the dumb waiter, this room's pretty much finished.

Everything looks pretty much the same in this picture with the exception of the open door which is the service entrance from the Hall. There's a wall light in the Hallway that looks very effective in the dark.

When I first decorated the Dining Room I knew exactly what paper I wanted and I also thought I had the ideal paint colour but as you can see, it was completely wrong! The panels were pre-formed and I liked the idea of the concealed door. Also, at this point, I had removed the chain from the chandelier and there are wall lights on the chimney breast.


  1. i,

    I love te padded pelmets - are the curtains silk? I also like the covering on the chandelier chain. I've seen it in real stately homes, but never in a miniature.

  2. Love the concealed door Irene, looks fab!


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