Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Kitchen

The above set of shelves is attached to the "fourth wall". I had just enough room at the end to put this piece - the windows in the basement take up much of the remaining space.

The artisan made cookery book is a copy of Mrs Beeton's original book.

The majority of items here were purchased are fairs.

Probably the most fascinating rooms in a Victorian household are the kitchen and scullery. The little sugar snips on the table to the left are actually jointed and I love the linen drying on the fireguard. There's a cup of tea just waiting for the Cook to sit down and put her feet up for five minutes but I think my favourite piece in this room just has to be the turkey on the block.

There is tongue and grooved panelling round the room and the flooring is fibre glass. The range and surround are a complete unit but I removed the original "coals" and replaced them with a flickering fire.

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  1. Hi,

    I love this room. Pity you can't see the fire flicker in the fireplace! It looks just ike a real working kitchen!


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