Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Housekeeper

The Accounts Book is a copy of an original.

A selection of "penny dreadfuls" on the bedside cabinet and her slippers are stored here too.

When her husband died in the Crimean War she kept all his belongings in this trunk and every so often, she goes through them and remembers days gone by......

This may look a terribly grand Housekeeper's Room but given that she gave up her home when her husband died and moved into the Hall, she has quite a few belongings and many of the grander pieces would have been given to her by the family when they no longer had a need for them.

The floor was made by making a cardboard template and iron-on edging strip. It was then varnished, sanded and varnished again.

It was after decorating and furnishing the Kitchen and Scullery that I decided to take pictures of each empty room as I liked the idea of seeing the rooms "before" and "after".

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