Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lots of little goodies for the Hall

Did I do well at Miniatura?   Yes!
I'm always there are the very beginning when the doors open right to the bitter end!   I thought it was a bit quieter on the Sunday than usual and there were a few exhibitors missing but that did not hold me back.  

The table was a purchase for another property.   All the items here are destined for the bathroom with the exception of the lovely tea tray.   The little item to the right is a soap dish.

The detail on the fishing tackle box is just perfect, including all the little contents and the dressing table set is hand painted metal.
This is the final photo.   The item on the left, if it's not obvious, is a little jacket and scarf designed to be stuck on the wall!

I also bought some wood, lace and fabric - oh, and some findings, Ray - all to add to the ever growing stash.


  1. Bellissime miniature!!! Mi piace tanto la teiera!!!

  2. Well done on some wonderful finds Irene. I love that coat!
    I'm glad you had a good weekend

  3. Amazing!!! Best shopping,Irene!

  4. What lovely finds Irene - I especially love the soap dish! x

  5. Of course you found Wonderful goodies for All your properties!!! I LOVE the tea tray.... wouldn't you love to be greeted with that every morning....? What fun it will be to see these added to the Houses!

  6. That must have been a wonderful weekend, Irene! I am jealous of your purchases...

  7. Hello Irene!
    I too am envious of your visit to Miniaturia. It has been many years since my last visit to that fair and I always came away with wonderful unique items like yours. I love the tea tray and also Victoria's dressing table set. Look forward to seeing all these lovelies in Hambleton Hall. Yea! Jewelry findings!
    Good Wishes from Ray

  8. You bought some lovely stuff, enjoy putting them in their places in your different homes.

  9. Hello Irene,
    You always make out like a bandit! You really have such an eye for great quality miniatures. everything is just lovely and I can't wait to see it in palce.
    Big hug,

  10. I always love to see what you purchase at shows, you find such beautiful and unusual miniatures. I can't wait to see them in the house.

  11. Hi Irene,

    I think Simon is right, you have bought so many nice things that you must have kept the show going single handed!! ;) The tea set and bathroom goodies are all lovely, I really love those tiny tooth brushes!

    can't wait to see where they are all going!!

  12. Hello
    Wonderful mini stuff you bought, exciting to have them placed in your house.

  13. Que preciosas compras, es emocionante siempre encontrar maravillosos tesoros como los tuyos.
    besitos ascension


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