Saturday, 6 October 2012

The attic store room

Firstly, thank you all for the lovely comments you left regarding my purchases at Miniatura.   I admit it does look rather like I was shopping for Scotland but I enjoyed every minute of it and it's only twice a year!

Secondly, a very warm welcome to all new followers.   I'm very pleased to have you here and hope you like what you see.

I was hoping to show you all the bathroom first but would you believe it - there's a little something I still have to get.   Yes, even after all that shopping, I'm missing something!

So - the store room.   The only lighting in this room is the lamp at the back, on the table.     There's not really much more I can say about this room - it is what it is!




  1. Hi Irene,

    It looks great --right down to the little mouse! You have created another realistic setting and it makes me want to rifle through all the cool stuff for a closer look.

    I forget, Irene, is this room in the cellar or the attic?

    Have a great weekend!
    John XO

    1. Glad you like it John. It's in the attic, accessed via the bathroom.

  2. It's wonderful Irene! I love your luggage racks & the tea chest (whatever happened to all the tea chests in the world, lol)?!
    It is a very interesting room (& I agree with John) I would love to spend a while in there rummaging! x

  3. I love it Irene! The mouse is fab!
    How great to have a tiny room where things can be left and forgotten about - only to be found decades later! I'm thinking Chatsworth House attic sale


  4. Hola Irene, que buen aspecto tiene tu ático, me gusta especialmente el bolso de mujer!
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  5. Hee Hee... I LOVE the mouse, Irene! This is such a well organized Attic!!! It has everything in order and reachable! It shows what a Well Run house this is!!! You always seem to know exactly what you are looking for... and I admire that talent!!!

  6. Store rooms are great, the possibilities are endless, you can use everything you have, and they are never finished...
    Hugs, Susanne

  7. Love it, everyone needs a mini room like this for pieces we don't quite know what to do with in other settings!

  8. So organised and full of interesting stuff! I'm glad the mouse is here and not anywhere else in the house and that he hasn't been caught (yet)!

  9. And it is beautiful! I loved each miniature in the store room, the colors are fantastic. Amazing work as usual. ;)

  10. When you're doing something, it just so complete. It is so great to explore your room. This one is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us all.


  11. Hello Irene, I like very much this room, it´s a perfect attic. Congrats. Let me take advantage of my messsage to tell you that you´ve got a beautiful country and I love. Hugs.

  12. This must have been a fun room to put together, somewhere to put all those homeless things, and little bits you now might come in useful, just like a real attic!!

    the mouse is a nice touch too!!


  13. Hi Irene, your attention to detail is quite remarkable in every sense, the attic has to be one of my favourite rooms of any house,yours is perfect! Tony.

  14. What a very good idea to have an attic store room! This way you can put any kinds of miniatures. There are beautiful things in it.

  15. I like the store room, you're going to need a cat to get rid of that mouse though.

    Marisa :)

  16. Hello Irene,
    That is a great room. You rarely see rooms like this in miniature houses, but it has so much character and when it has the Irene touch, it's that much better.
    Lovely room and wonderful miniatures.
    Big hug,

  17. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Despite it's small size I tried very hard not to have it look as though it was a space where all my unused minis lived and tried to imagine someone ferreting around looking for things or perhaps having to lift down the luggage.

    Steinworks - I'm pleased you like it and there are actually two cats in the house. One in the Parlour and one in the Kitchen.


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