Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Bathroom

With the addition of all the little accessories for The Bathroom, I now have another completed room.   (Just one more to go and that's the interior of this property finished - what will I do with myself?)

I've shown this pic before but I thought I'd use it as a reminder and point out one or two things for you.   The room is narrow, measuring only 6.5" x 14" deep (16.5cms x 35.6cms).   The panelling was created using iron on flooring, with strips of skirting and dado rail and the paper was printed from Jennifers Printables.

I got even more adventurous and made my own flooring using the instructions in Lea Frisoni's book.   The little light fittings came from Art of Mini

So, on with the decor.   The cabinet was purchased from a fair (not Miniatura) and I added all the little contents.   The boxes were complementary kits received with an order.
Something was needed for the walls despite the paper being quite busy.   As they had no idea initially as to how a bathroom should look, the Victorians treated it like they would any other room in the house and filled it with stuff!
The shell pictures were made using some lovely tiny little shells I received as a gift from Fi   Thank you again Fi, they're just lovely and suit this room perfectly.
The bathroom suite I have had for quite some time.   It was already this colour and all I did was alter the toilet.   I think in time I will be changing the plant for a floral arrangement.   (In fact, I don't "think", I know I will be changing this!)
The chair came unfinished and has been tarted up a bit and the slippers were made by me following a little tutorial featured here
The table was put together with bits of balsa and covered.   The little items on display there were goodies brought back from Miniatura.
I must confess, I do like the next few pictures taken with the lights on.   I surprised myself with those ones!



  1. Your bathroom looks really cosy, Irene, just the right place to unwind and relax. And I love the slippers!

  2. Dear Irene, there is a small flaw in your swim! :))) I have the distinct feeling that, in 1880, the terry towels do not exist. If I remember correctly, since I sold it for 15 years linens, the sponge is first appeared in the United States after the second half of 1900.;)

    1. Thank you for your observation Blanche. It made me double check my information! Terry fabric was initially made in France in 1841 then in England in 1845. I do appreciate though that Victorian towels were usually of the flat cotton type and as soon as I come across a more suitable fabric, I'll change them and post a pic. It's important to me to be as accurate as possible with this so your comment is appreciated.

  3. Hello Irene!
    I LOVE this bathroom! Red is my favorite color and this bathroom beautifully embraces it. That tub is wonderful and all the items you made and staged here make this a lovely room indeed. The tile looks perfect........and the lighting effects, warm and inviting.
    Good wishes from Ray

  4. Simply perfect, Irene!
    The shell pictures are wonderful, don't the colours work well?!
    Those pictures with the lights on are brilliant! Speaking as someone who can ony aim the camera and push!!

    I have every confidence you'll find "something else" to occupy your time now Hambleton is complete ;-)


  5. Hello Irene,
    What a wonderful bathroom. Congratulations on the wonderful work you did. I just love the set up you made. It is really charming and, as always, every detail is perfect!
    Love it!
    Big hug,

  6. This is a cozy and luxurious bath indeed! :D

  7. Your bathroom looks really charming and cozy, perfect to spend my "me" time.

    bathroom accessories

  8. Your bathroom really look charming and cozy, perfect to spend my "me" time.

    bathroom accessories

  9. My sources come from a big Italian company which I sold in the towel for years .... if your source is more authoritative .... then your sponges can fit. If you want to share with me your address, I'd be happy to send you the linen towels made ​​by my mom. Just yesterday my mom I won micro-red slippers made ​​with his own hands. Your slippers but they are the most beautiful flowers! Before concluding this review, I would like to know what you have fixed the printing of wallpaper so you do not ruin it with glue?

  10. Blanche - Thank you so much for the kind offer of linen towels, I would love some. If you email me via my blog profile I can then give you my address.

    Regarding the wallpaper, I used a spray adhesive to attach it to card before sticking the card to the walls. I wouldn't do that again! It's ok but I had to fix some of the edges using a glue stick. After printing off the pattern I fixed it with Ghiant Inkjet Spray and it's been fine.

    1. Thanks Irene, for me given the right product to preserve the printing. I send you my address. See you soon.

  11. Very beautiful and with all the details done so perfectly. I love your bath tub. Wonderful color and you're generally good to put the dark "brown" wood color into your room.

  12. Irene,
    the bathroom looks beautiful, well done on the flooring it looks so professional. The bath looks so luxurious, I just love the colour. You really have thought of every last little detail. The shells are great for the bathroom, the pink of the shells work perfectly with the colours inb the wall paper and on the bath. You photos have turned out well, it looks so soft and inviting in there, I especially like the last one, the little gold taps are highlighted perfectly by the glowing wall sconces.

    Just beautiful.

    ML Fi xx

  13. Hi Irene,

    It's a splendid bathroom and you finished it with perfect aplomb! The cabinet looks terrific (even if the towels are a trifle ahead of their time). Beautiful job!

  14. For all the houses I've done, I've never actually made a proper bathroom. Yours definately inspires me to include one when I get around to doing a Victorian house, it's absolutely perfect.

  15. Dear Irene, you know how much I love the Victorian era and all its complicated array of accessories, so I can only love from my heart this bathroom :-)
    The color is perfect and all accessorie just adorable.
    I really enjoyed the discussion on the correctness or otherwise of insert fluffy towels :-)
    Mini lovely hugs

  16. Hi Irene,
    From bath to sink: that is some bathroom you've put together!
    The color of the bath is my fav color.
    The cabinet looks lovely and well filled;
    the floor is a beauty and I love all the additions; it makes it look like there's someone really living there.
    Thanks for the tut on the slippers, I might give it a try too :)

  17. Hi Irene,

    what a pretty bathroom, and what a transformation, from an empty narrow room to a cosy retreat! It really looks lovely, I'd be happy to spend a relaxing evening soaking in that bath tub!! Where did you buy that little bottle of perfume/bath oil? I wouldn't mind one of those myself!!

    Great job, congratulations!!

    Andy xxx

  18. This room is incredible Irene. Your attention to detail always astounds me. I so enjoy your work. Mini Hugs

  19. Irene, this room is wonderful. I love your colour choices and your attention to detail is fantastic as always. A delightful room to 'walk' around.
    Julia x

  20. Your bathroom is gorgeous Irene, I really love the bath. I mean - I really, really love the bath! As I've always said, you always amaze me with your eye for detail, colour and just your way of creating that perfect little scene so effortlessly.


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