Monday, 17 September 2012

Curtains and Coronets

It's taken me some time to decide on curtains for Mrs Admiral's bedroom as I couldn't find a pelmet style I liked but that has been resolved now.

I also decided the wall her bed was on was looking a bit bare and I didn't really want to cover it with pictures as the wallpaper is busy enough so while creating pelmets for the windows, I fashioned a little coronet for above the bed and attached some lace drapes.   I'd still like to add another two pictures to that wall but that will have to wait until this longed for visit to Miniatura at the weekend.

The canopy over the bed mirrors the pelmets at the windows and that's her room completed.
The final picture shows the whole width of that room including the fourth wall.   The "wall" is short for this room as there's a decorative strip to be added to the underside at the top of the house but in order to ease access to the rooms at this level, it hasn't been added yet.


  1. Hi Irene
    What a lovely addition. Very nicely made. I chuckled to myself when you explained about the missing strip - it's funny how we fixate with the tiny details that other's probably wouldn't notice!
    I hope you have a wonderful trip ti Birmingham and I'm already looking forward to seeing your purchases LOL

  2. Hi Irene
    What a beautiful bedroom. The fine detail you make with a lace piece over the bed is amazing, and your fine bedspread lying on the bed - it gives a nice whole.
    The window section with curtains and picket fence outside the windows is very very beautifully made.


  3. That's a great solution for the bed. Looks like it was always meant to be! :]

  4. Hello Irene,
    It looks beautiful. I love the way you've used the fabric to fill up the walls and add such great detail. What a beautiful lace.
    Big hug,

  5. It all looks absolutely beautiful Irene! A really splendid room! x

  6. Hi Irene,

    It's positively dream-y! LOVE the pelmet --so elegant and I was imagining one in my own bedroom(RL)! It really is just exquisite. Very well done!

    Big Hugs,

  7. The coronet finishes off the bed beautifully, so nicely matching the window treatment. Mrs Admiral should be well pleased.

  8. This room, now, it's even more beautiful and welcoming. I love it :-)
    The choice of lace is very appropriate because it furnishes without burdening the environment.
    Having a room like this, for myself, is the dream of my life ;-)
    Mini hugs,

  9. Te ha quedado una habitación deliciosa, Irene. La lámpara es una preciosidad, ¿donde la has conseguido?

    ¡Un abrazo y enhorabuena!

    You have been a delightful room, Irene. The lamp is a beauty, where have you got it?

    A hug and congratulations!

  10. This bedroom is fantastic, you're so good at adding details. I love the canopy over the bed.

  11. Thank you everyone for your nice comments.

    Having said that the room is complete, I've had a few small additional ideas since then - isn't it always the way? Roll on Miniatura!

  12. Hola Irene
    Que preciosidad de habitacion, se ve fantastica.
    Un preciosa lampara.
    besitos ascension

  13. Hi Irene

    Those bed drapes look very effective and I love your curtains!! (yes, still need to bite the bullet there myself!!). A bed fit for a duchess!!

    Hope you have a great time at Miniatura, I am not able to go myself this year ;( Good luck finding those pictures you need.

    Andy xxx

  14. Hi Irene! I LOVE the coronet over the bed!!! It adds just the Perfect amount of Elegance and Elevation to the bed! A full canopy would have hid too much! And the curtains are Just right too... although being on the opening wall it is hard to get a sense of how they look IN the room... if you know what I mean! Don't you wish you could climb in there and look OUT when the wall was closed??? I always wish I could.... (even in my Really tiny house, LOL!)

  15. Un conjunto muy elegante, el encaje llena la habitacion sin recargar. Felicidades¡

  16. Hello Irene! Where I come from there is no 2 without 3, so I finished reading Hambleton Hall, even if you have to get four, many are your property! The Thenement I have left in my heart, is my favorite! But Hambleton is closer to what I want to do, only that my story has the date 1859. One day I hope to get even a little bit of your skill, is a hoot to follow you! Thanks for being there!


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