Saturday, 8 September 2012

Some little details

Work is still progressing on the attic/storeroom and, apart from the bits being made, there are quite a few accessories that had been purchased some time ago from various fairs with the result that this room is filling up much quicker than I anticipated.

The gun case and bag were purchased from The Luggage Lady (no website) and the cylindrical item on the right is a case for carrying walking sticks (made by me).

The gun case and bag are made in the softest leather and the detail is exceptional.   The set came with the gun.

This luggage was bought for me by my sister at a fair held years ago and I've been waiting on just the right place for it.  
The gentleman's top hat box (sitting alongside the croquet set I've already shown) was made for me by Margaret The Mini Milliner.   Initially it was in The Admiral's bedroom but couldn't really be seen to advantage so I've moved it to here and looks, I think, much better.

This is another item purchased from The Luggage Lady and again, the detailing is marvellous.   The little golf clubs are included.

Finally, a little corner shot.   Nothing is permanently fixed in the attic room yet and there are lots of other details to add but this is the progress so far.


  1. I love this room, Irene. And you certainly are filling it up quickly! It would be a childs wonderland up there!
    Have a great weekend
    Simon x

  2. Wow I love all the fantastic items you have for this so very interesting room :)I cant wait to see more.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Irene, you have collected so many great things. I look forward to more pictures.
    Hugs from Craftland

  4. You're such a tease with your photos, Irene! It really looks wonderful and I can't wait to see it all together.

  5. Dear Irene, I followed all your latest advances in this house and I find these details really great, also: the small rooms in the attic of these old houses, always conceal thousand secrets fascinating ... The equipment for cricket made ​​me go crazy :-)
    Here, the summer lasts, and tiring schedules related to raising a family, too!
    I'm working on little or nothing to my cottage but I did shopping (!), Missing only the amount of time to take decent pictures.
    The next 17 Elisa returned to school and then I HOPE to be able to go back to my blog :-)
    Meanwhile, a very affectionate hug

  6. Amazing detail, especially on the little tartan golf bag. One of these days I should make copies of my real-life luggage...

  7. Hello Irene,
    I would own every single item in real life. They are all beautiful in design and all very realistic.
    Big hug,

  8. All these items are perfect. You're very good at finding unusual miniatures or miniatures that you don't often see.

  9. Irene, your storage room is Filling with Fantastic stuff!!!! I LOVE the luggage... and the Golf clubs are awesome! As usual, your attention to the realistic details is superb!!!

  10. Niesamowite, wszystko wygląda tak realistycznie. Wykonany z perfekcyjną dokładnością każdy szczegół!
    Jestem pod wrażeniem!
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam:))


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