Friday, 26 September 2014

First Floor

Continuing with the guided tour, the first room at the top of the stairs is the Dining Room.

I liked the idea of having a little concealed "jib" door

that allowed the servants discreet entry from the back hall.

Notice the wine cooler to the right...


Leaving the Dining Room and crossing the Hall, we enter the Salon.

The cushion was made for this room by my sister.   Thanks Valerie.

The lighting in this room is from Getzan

Leaving the Salon, we re-enter the Hallway, noting the stained glass window on the way

and take the stairs to the Second Floor..

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Take the guided tour.

It's only taken me nine years but at last Hambleton Hall is finished.   There are still some pieces I could get to fill drawers, etc. (thanks to Pedrete who was the inspiration for that idea!) but that will happen as and when I see the bits but to all intents and purposes, it's done.   To help with the decoration and detail of this property I imagine it to be inhabited by an Admiral and his wife.   They are looked after by a Butler, a Housekeeper and a Maid of all Work, Janey.   There are no children.   In total, there are 12 rooms and 4 halls.

I won't bombard you with it all at once, but will split the pics to cover a few posts.   Please bear in mind at all times that I am no photographer so if there are any fuzzy pics then I apologise in advance!
The exterior was finished in textured paint and I used self-adhesive tiles for the roof (these had to be glued down to make more permanent) and you've recently seen the newly revamped Grand Staircase so all we have to do is climb the stair, ring the bell and enter.

Coming into the Entrance Hall we take time to wipe our feet on the beautifully crafted mat gifted to me by a fellow blogger and friend,  Kath

Let's go into the Parlour.....

The Parlour is the first room, to the left, on the Ground Floor.

I hope I've caught the essence of the overstuffed Victorian Parlour.  

There are photographs and ornaments and plants - there's even a canary.   The tea trolley has just been brought in resplendent with a variety of cakes.


Back across the Hall and directly opposite is the Study.

There is a safe, craftily disguised as a cabinet......

...that contains the Title Deeds to the property.


We then leave the Study, go back into the Hall and up the stairs to the First Floor.


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