Monday, 10 November 2014

The Housekeeper and THE END.

The Housekeeper's Room is the last room on our tour.


When time permits, the Housekeeper can toast crumpets on the open fire.

Although there are no "people" in the house, I felt it necessary to have a vague thread of a story in my head which helped with the detail so to that end the trunk that sits on top of her wardrobe is full of what I consider to be the Housekeeper's memories - items which belonged to her husband.

The "tools of her trade" are displayed on the table - her keys and the Accounts book.

Some bedtime reading (when she has the time) stands on the bedside cabinet and her slippers are tucked away neatly below.

I started this project from the bottom up and I think it's pretty evident how much more aware of detail I became as I moved up and learnt more.

I was unsure for a while as to how the inside of the roof should be completed and I did, at one point, consider decorating it to match up with each attic room but by the time I got to that point I just decided to paint it but to give each window a treatment that matched the room it belonged to so the store room and Janey's room were given blinds - plain and serviceable - and the Upper Hall window was given a decorative finish to match in with the windows in the halls on the lower levels.

I knew from the start of this project that I would be decorating the inside of the doors or the "fourth wall".   It was something I just couldn't not do.

That completes the tour and the Hambleton Hall build.

Thank you to all who followed me and passed on such lovely comments, each and every one has been very much appreciated and I'm planning on a little giveaway to say "thanks".   Watch this space!


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Scullery and Kitchen

We'll go into the Scullery first.  

The door to the left will take us into the Kitchen and the door to the right gives us access to the Housekeeper's Room.  

We'll turn left and enter the Kitchen.

Finally, we'll cross back through the Scullery and visit the Housekeeper's Room.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Servant's Room

While Janey is engaged with her daily duties, we can take the opportunity to have a little look round her accommodation.

The script above her bed says "God Sees All".

Her box contains some family photographs, a length of fabric to make a new dress, a writing case and the family bible.   The box also doubles as a very useful bedside table.

The bonnet was a gift from Marlene.

There is a little Valentine card tucked away beneath her pillow.

On leaving Janey's room, the last room to be seen in the main part of the house, we can now make our way down the (imagined) back stairs to the Kitchen, Scullery and Housekeeper's room.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Upper Floor

On arrival at the top of the stairs we encounter the "silent companion" and a fine bust of Nelson.

The bathroom is at the top of the stairs, to the left.

The little shells were a gift from Fi

The little bathmat was made for me by Kath, who also made the mat at the front door.

The towels, given to me by Blanche, turned out to be a perfect fit for the width of the towel rail.

Through the door at the back of the Bathroom is the doorway to the Store Room.

The croquet set is a kit purchased from Jane Harrop.

The mouse marks our speedy exit from the Store Room!   Only one more room at this level to see and that belongs to Janey, the Maid of all Work.

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