Saturday, 17 August 2013

Janey, the Servant

Janey the Servant's room was the last space to be decorated inside the house.   It's taken me since 2005 to get to this point and it's still not finished.

First of all, I had to dull down her wallpaper a bit.   It was far too bright and new looking for a servant.

Then a cupboard and wall-light were added -
Then I had a little play -

Of course she now had to have furniture to store her worldly goods.   She needed a washstand complete with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and nailbrush -
No servant went anywhere without her box -
It's nice to finally be able to show, in situ, the bonnet sent to me by Marlene 
She has her secret little Valentine card hidden under her pillow -
The Penny Dreadful she's really not supposed to read - but does anyway - immediately beneath the stitched message that says (in case she should ever forget) "God Sees All" -
And finally, the whole room -

It was a bit sad completing this room.   I really enjoyed doing this one and learnt how to make a few little bits along the way.
Just the "grounds" to tackle now!


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