Tuesday, 15 May 2012

More bathroom progress.

Just one photo for you today.   The wallpaper and flooring are in place but the panelling hasn't been stuck down yet.   I just had to see what it all looked like!

I know it's a bit bright for a Victorian bathroom but the story in my head says that as the Admiral wasn't keen on devoting a whole room to this new fangled bathroom idea he divided a larger room in order to keep the other half for storage.   Her Ladyship, Mrs Admiral, on the other hand is a very forward thinking woman of her time and decided that if he was getitng his own way with the size of the room, then she was getting her own way with the decor. 

As the paper is printed off from a printie (very handy if you miscalculate and need more - just print it off!) and the fact that I haven't used this method before, I wasn't sure if the pattern would smudge despite the fact that I had used the spray fixative.   I was also a bit concerned with matching the pattern in such a small space if I decided to put the paper directly onto the wall.   In the end, I cut card templates, matched the pattern and then put them on the walls. It seems to have worked and I'm happy with it.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bathroom Beginnings.

Work has started with the Bathroom in my quest to get the attic finished.   Despite not having updated the blog recently, I haven't been idle.

The room has been primed and the panelling has been created and painted.

I've been quite adventurous this time with wallpaper in that I'm using a design printed off from a website of free printables.   I've no idea whether this will work or not but I do hope it does as I like the design and I've already painted the panelling to co-ordinate with it!

The room was originally going to have a wooden floor stained mahogany but when I put the flooring together with the panelling it just looked all wrong, whether it was the particular stain I was using or whether it just wasn't the right colour of panelling to have with the mahogany, it just wasn't working for me so that floor will be laid in the store room I've planned for next door.

That all meant that I had to come up with an alternative and normally I would just go on line and purchase the flooring I fancied but this time, because I have loads of card to hand, I thought I'd have a go at making my own so with the help of the very informative book by Lea Frisoni this is how far I've got at the moment. 

I only started putting it together this morning and I've got quite a long way to go but so far, given that it's the first time I've attempted anything like this, I'm pretty pleased with the way it's looking and hopefully any little discrepancies will be hidden once it's been grouted!

The cabinet I bought for the Bathroom has also been stained mahogany but I'm going to have to change that too as it just doesn't work with the burgundy paint colour.   Back to the drawing board with that one, I think!

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