Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to Victorianise a low level toilet

The toilet in the bathroom of Hambleton Hall has a low level cistern with a daft little handle stuck on top - not very Victorian, I thought.

I decided to set about making a few simple changes by first of all cutting off the short "pipe" that joins the cistern to the toilet.   This was discarded.   The little handle was also removed and set aside.
A new "pipe was created using a kebab stick cut to the required height, painted gold and glued back in place.
Then, using black plastic fencing I looked for a section that would be suitable for brackets.
Two pieces were cut, painted gold and attached to the base of the unit.   My two are set back in order to line up with the top lip of the cistern.
Remember the daft little handle?   This was glued to a piece of chain at one end and the underside of the cistern at the other.
I now have a high level Victorian toilet.

Maximum effect, minimum effort!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Panelling and plumbing!

Things are moving along, albeit slowly, in the bathroom.   The flooring has been fixed down, the wallpaper is up and the panelling is in place.   Originally I had planned for the panelling to be a bit higher than you see here, but after placing some of the items, it just didn't look right so I lowered it by an inch.

Original set up -

Now -

The lights have also been added.   These are lovely little handmade lights by Art of Mini and I'll disguise the wires with gold paint.   That's the beauty of close ups - they emphasise the tiny details that can be missed.

I've been playing with furniture placement and this is how it looks at the moment.   The cistern has been heightened as it was just a low fitting and it still needs its pull chain and some brackets.     A covered table will sit front left but I needed a feel for the space.  

Still lots to do!

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