Sunday, 23 March 2014

The last lap.

Well, Happy New Year - chuckle!!

I haven't worked on this property since before Christmas and it was calling out to me today, especially in view of my upcoming trip to Miniatura next weekend.   I must create a list!

All it needs now is a final spurt and this property is finished.   It will only have taken me nine years!    What needs to be done?

The Grand Staircase, that's what.

I decided quite some time ago that, while quite grand, the stair case wasn't proportionally "grand" enough so I decided to do something about it with foamboard.   This was the Mark Something version, it certainly wasn't the first attempt!

Here, I've added handrail and a decorative trim that I hope disguises the joins.   I've also carried through the lined detailing from the original for continuity.   The tricky bit was dealing with the upper flight making sure, again, it was correctly in proportion and believable if it was real.

I think I'm happy with it now, just a bit more sanding to do and then the paint finish.   I'll also be on the looked for something to finish it off at either end although whether this will be some form of topiary or pillars, I'm not sure.   It'll all depend on what's out there. 

The next job will be the baseboard.   It's proving tricky as I can't use anything with a textured surface as that will, in turn, affect the height of the Grand Staircase.   Whatever I choose will have to be flat and I've considered paving paper but I don't want to have to deal with a join, paint - I don't think my artistic skills are up to any kind of faux finish so I'm hoping the upcoming trip to Miniatura will inspire.   I also have edging strip to tidy up the edges.

The final bit required to complete the Hall is the inside of the attic roof.   I've thought about paint or paper - all one design or divided to match with each room..........?   I think that would prove too busy in such a small area so the current thinking is paint across the whole width with co-ordinating curtains to match each room belonging to the windows, (ie the attic, the hall and Janey, the servant).
I'm keen to get on with this and finish it now.   It wasn't until I spent some time with it recently that I was aware I'd missed working on it.
Brace yourselves for a spurt of activity here!

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