Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dressing a table.

It's not very often that I actually make minis from scratch. I prefer to leave that to the people who are really good at it but occasionally, just very occasionally I'm inspired to make a little something

That little something was a covered table for The Parlour. I had had the table there sitting uncovered since I put it in there but to me it didn't feel Victorian enough so......... here is what I did....

I measured the diameter and height of a table I had that I was happy with and cut two circles from balsa and also a section of the inner tube of a roll of foil to the required height. Remember to allow for the thickness of the balsa wood when working out your height. Assemble as above.

Next, cut a circle of your chosen fabric allowing for height x 2 and diameter, add your selected trim round the outside edges and let that dry. Meanwhile, cover the whole thing with food wrap. Spray the cloth with starch or hairspray then arrange over the table adjusting folds.

The next step is to invert the table into a suitable receptacle (in my case it was a jam pot) of similar diameter and deep enough to take the whole table. Leave to dry.

Et voila! One (hopefully) Victorian looking table. Much nicer, I think, than the bare piece of furniture I had before.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Exciting news....

First things first - a very warm welcome to all my new followers. It's very nice to have you here and I hope you like what you see. Thank you for following my blog.

The latest news regarding the Hall is that I've been published in Miniaturas! I've been grinning to myself all morning.

Miniaturas is a lovely magazine and whilst I had heard of it, I hadn't seen it until a few fellow bloggers were published as well.

I'm afraid I can't follow the content of the articles but looking at the pictures is just amazing. The little clock shop shown on the front cover is a work of art and so imaginative.

Madelva has shown Hambleton Hall in it's entirety and, because there are still three empty rooms, she has inserted pictures of the other two properties I'm working on. (The Tenement top right and left and Apples Tearooms, just underneath on the right). I thought that was quite an ingenious idea.

When I started working on this house six years ago, I never for one moment imagined it would come to this so a very big THANK YOU to Madelva for the opportunity.

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