Saturday, 4 October 2014

Second Floor - The Admiral's Room and Her Ladyship's Rooms

The door to the left, at the top of the stairs, takes us to the Admiral's Bedroom.  

The Admiral's uniform was made by me.

The Admiral's hat was a commission from The Mini Milliner

Not only are there boxes in drawers, there are gloves and a tie in the boxes!

In the cabinet we can see some gentleman's toiletries on the first shelf;  a book, braces and a box of socks on the second shelf;  a sketch book, a map (and hidden behind it) a box containing a telescope.   On the bottom shelf there are placed a pair of shoes, a pith helmet and a case holding a pair of binoculars.

The towel on the shaving stand was a gift, made and embroidered for me by Blanche.   Can you see the tiny "HH"?

The cut throat razor is by Danny Shotton.

The Captain's Log was purchased from Dateman Books.

Christine at Hollyhock Cottage created and sent me the tantalus

We now leave the Admiral's room, stepping past his shoes which are waiting to be cleaned,

walk down the Hall and enter Her Ladyship's room, noting the floral arrangement on the way.

The chair you can see here was made by me using the instructions given in Lea Frisoni's book The Big Book of Miniature House (French version - I had to rely on Google Translate for that!)

The bonnet was a kit purchased from Margaret, the Mini Milliner.

All the cranberry glass was purchased from Glasscraft.

Various other items, including the candlestick were purchased from .Flora

In the drawer there is a copy of Madame Bovery (the Lady Chatterley of it's day - tut tut!) and the dance card was purchased from Monsterrat Folch.

We now leave the formal rooms of the Hall and make our way up the final staircase to the Bathroom on the left.


  1. How I love the bedrooms! I love the uniform, amazing work! What you put in the drawers is really great

  2. Quel bonheur de visiter votre maison et d'admirer tous ses détails (j'adore particulièrement la boite à gants et l'uniforme)

  3. Hello Irene,
    I just love the way you compose and lay out a room. they are perfect down to the last detail. Absolutely beautiful to look at and they feel and function like a real room. Bravo! The Admiral's suit is gorgeous. Well done Irene.
    Big hug,

  4. Hi Irene! I am sorry to be so late with my comments! Your attention to detail is just amazing!!! I cannot think of anyone else in blogland who collects such interesting and beautiful and Specific items for every nook and cranny and closet and drawer! And you are so good with scale... it all looks so precisely perfect! I could walk into your mini rooms and know that the items I need are all there! Her Ladyship's room is so pretty and feminine without being overdone! And the Admiral's room is just so Unique! The uniform is awesome! And all the details like the shaving razor and the Pith helmet..... and the telescope and the Captain's Log.... WOW! You have been having fun with this house! And I also love the fact that you give your house "people" even though we don't see them in the rooms!
    Bravo! Please don't stop!!!

  5. Irene, I am enchanted by all the beauty you have created. You have captured the mood of the era to a T. What exquisite accessories you have collected! I adore your collection of pink glass! Everything is perfect, from the choice of wallpaper, draperies, flooring, the bed arrangement. That white dress hanging on the wall is a lovely touch to the femininity of the mistress of the house. I love the ambiance at night with the lamps turned on. It looks so cozy that I would love to shrink myself and just simply get into bed and breathe it all in!

  6. Hi Irene! The bedrooms of the Admiral and his lady are both Utterly Charming! I LOVE the uniform that you made and the various paraphernalia that is squirreled away inside the drawers has become one of your signature trademarks! There is so much incredible detail within each of your rooms. I adore the monogramed towel by Blanche. The shoes outside the door was such a Great idea too! :D
    The lady's bedroom is such a feminine space with a wonderful collection of cranberry glass, not to mention that gorgeous negligee hanging on the door and Madame Bovary tucked away in the top drawer; tisk tisk! :))



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