Friday, 26 September 2014

First Floor

Continuing with the guided tour, the first room at the top of the stairs is the Dining Room.

I liked the idea of having a little concealed "jib" door

that allowed the servants discreet entry from the back hall.

Notice the wine cooler to the right...


Leaving the Dining Room and crossing the Hall, we enter the Salon.

The cushion was made for this room by my sister.   Thanks Valerie.

The lighting in this room is from Getzan

Leaving the Salon, we re-enter the Hallway, noting the stained glass window on the way

and take the stairs to the Second Floor..


  1. Hi Irene! One of the features that I really find intriguing about Grand Homes of the U. K, is the second floor dining. I suppose that would account for the phrase, "moving UP in the world"! :)) Seriously, I find that your dining room is lovely and I think having that discreet "jib" door is a unique feature that I have never seen before in miniature. Love it!
    I must also admire your crown moulding and the clean finishes of all of your walls and woodwork.
    Your salon is feminine just as the study below is masculine, and I love the soft greens and the way the furniture is arranged around the fireplace, good conversation for the ladies after dinner, whilst the men retire downstairs for their port and cigars. The carpet and the cushion are Stunners and give a feeling of elegance and luxury, as does the magnificent chandelier!
    Your hall is very quiet and that must be due in part to the hall and stair runners that you have installed. It looks continuous and is Perfect for these spaces.
    You have made a Very Beautiful and Elegant Second floor Irene, and I can't wait to see what's UP next! :))


  2. This is just so wonderful, all the amazing detail. Love the servants door. Super work and so much to look at. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You must be so proud of your beautiful house. It is such a wonderful achievement. I love how warm and cozy the rooms are.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this tour of your precious house loving every detail.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Que trabajo tan estupendo has hecho en esa casa,cuidando cada detalle para que todo armonice y haga de cada pieza un lugar personal e increíble!!!

  6. Really beautiful!!! I love your hidden door and what we can see when it is open.

  7. Incredibly beautiful. It is the painstaking detail, like the jib door and things in cupboards, and, and, and..... It is just the icing on an already lovely cake.

  8. L'idée et la réalisation des portes dérobées sont une réussite et comme dit Elizabeth, je n'ai jamais vu ça en miniature. J'aime beaucoup le papier-peint du salon.

  9. Hello lrene,
    What an incredible home. Your attention to details and little touches like the jib door are fantastic. Beautiful finishes, beautiful accessories...everything is superbly done. I must say though, the stained glass window in the staircase I am in love with!
    Big hug,

  10. Hi Irene! I Love the amount of accurate detail you include in your houses!!! (I say that a lot on your blog! ) The Dining Room with the hidden servant's door is just perfect! And the hallway behind is one of those details that make it so much more fun to look at! The Salon is so serene and elegant... it looks just ready for the Lady of the House to come in for tea on a cold Autumn afternoon! I have a soft spot for Chinoiserie... and the papers on the walls of the Salon are so delicate and the perfect colors. What a lovely room! I really love your House Tours!!!

  11. It's gorgeous, Irene - and the jib door is perfectly executed! That can't have been easy. Love the green, too!

  12. Oh Irene simply stunning. Your attention to detail is wonderful. I'm repeating myself but it is really like wandering through a National Trust property. I so wish I could shrink down and wander through.


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