Saturday, 20 September 2014

Take the guided tour.

It's only taken me nine years but at last Hambleton Hall is finished.   There are still some pieces I could get to fill drawers, etc. (thanks to Pedrete who was the inspiration for that idea!) but that will happen as and when I see the bits but to all intents and purposes, it's done.   To help with the decoration and detail of this property I imagine it to be inhabited by an Admiral and his wife.   They are looked after by a Butler, a Housekeeper and a Maid of all Work, Janey.   There are no children.   In total, there are 12 rooms and 4 halls.

I won't bombard you with it all at once, but will split the pics to cover a few posts.   Please bear in mind at all times that I am no photographer so if there are any fuzzy pics then I apologise in advance!
The exterior was finished in textured paint and I used self-adhesive tiles for the roof (these had to be glued down to make more permanent) and you've recently seen the newly revamped Grand Staircase so all we have to do is climb the stair, ring the bell and enter.

Coming into the Entrance Hall we take time to wipe our feet on the beautifully crafted mat gifted to me by a fellow blogger and friend,  Kath

Let's go into the Parlour.....

The Parlour is the first room, to the left, on the Ground Floor.

I hope I've caught the essence of the overstuffed Victorian Parlour.  

There are photographs and ornaments and plants - there's even a canary.   The tea trolley has just been brought in resplendent with a variety of cakes.


Back across the Hall and directly opposite is the Study.

There is a safe, craftily disguised as a cabinet......

...that contains the Title Deeds to the property.


We then leave the Study, go back into the Hall and up the stairs to the First Floor.



  1. Looks fabulous, such a lot of work and detail. Just one small thing to note, when setting up a chess board the white square is the top left hand corner ;-) Yours is the wrong way round....

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you like it and in the interests of accuracy, I've changed the pic! Hopefully the chess board is the right way round now.

    2. I was worried I might offend you...I have a husband whose profession is chess, and he always makes comments when he sees chess boards set up incorrectly either on TV, film or elsewhere and thought I should let you know as you have done such an amazing job with this Hall you can see is a real passion and there is so many interesting details to look at, enjoy and even aspire to!

    3. Not offended at all. In fact I'd rather be told than swan around in blissful ignorance! I've tried very hard with all the other bits to be accurate, it would be a shame to be let down by a chess board - you can tell I don't play!

  2. After seeing you had completed Hambleton on Facebook I read this blog from start to finish. It's gorgeous, such attention to detail. Looking forward to the rest of the tour!

    1. Aw, that's lovely Shelby. I just hope you don't lose the will to live before reaching the end. The tour is quite extensive, that's why I've spread it over a few posts. I'm so pleased you like it.

  3. Congratulations, Irene, on completing this wonderful project. I've been following along the past few years and loved every minute of it. The hallway, parlour and study are crammed full of detail and ooze atmosphere. You've done a really great job. I can't wait to see the next set of rooms.
    Si x

  4. It is a beautiful house Irene. Congratulations on finishing it.I loved seeing so many photos of the gorgeous and cozy interior. I look forward to your next post.

  5. Thank you for this guided tour, at least the beginning. This is a very impressive house with so many details in it. It really feels live in.

  6. Una hermosa e impresionante mansión llena de detalles preciosos que me llevará un tiempo verlos todos!!!!

  7. Hi Irene! This is all so Impressive and I love the story line too! The finish on the exterior is the perfect color combination with the two front doors.
    The main hall is just as Grand as it should be and the front mat looks to have two opposing crowns in the design, how appropriate! :D
    Each room has the air of the Victorian, especially the front parlor with the patterned rug and the ornately carved and curvy furniture. All of it is so well chosen and well placed. It gives the feeling of formal but often used.
    The study is definitely a man's room and I love the chess set and now, thanks to Serenata's comment, I have also learned about the position of the white square, when setting up the pieces for a game. :))
    You have collected and assembled your quality accessories with an eye to detail and accuracy and what little works of art each one is! I know that this tour is just getting started but what Fabulous Result Irene!
    This is truly a House to be Proud of! :D

    looking forward to having a peek upstairs soon too!

  8. Congratulations Irene. I hope you cracked open the champagne. You don't have to share it with the little people. It is lovely and I especially love all the little 'secret' stashes of things you have around the place. It must be lovely for visitors to open surprise after surprise. Marilyn

  9. I have always loved this house, and it is stunning. But beware it is NEVER finished!

  10. C'est vraiment du beau travail et comme dit Elizabeth, vous pouvez être fière Irène. J'adore spécialement l'étude avec ses murs en boiserie, c'est si chaleureux et si masculin. L'amiral a beaucoup de chance ;-)

  11. Hi Irene
    I'm sure you're delighted to finally say you're finished....but I honestly think we never will be completely done with our houses :) It's lovely and I look forward to the next 'tour'.
    All the best

  12. Hello Irene,
    It is an incredibly beautiful property! You have done an amazing job. You captured the Victorian feel perfectly! I love, love, love it! Can't wait for the r4est of the tour.
    Big hug,

  13. It's amazing, Irene! It's obvious you have put your heart and soul in creating this interior. I love all the beautiful pieces you have acquired and what you have done with them. You are a very talented lady and your work is so inspiring. I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

  14. Hi Irene! congratulations on completing another Fantastic project! You are so dedicated and your houses have such character and depth and "stories" to guide the decoration! It always looks so realistic and thoroughly done! I love all the hidden details like the drawers with items inside... and the safe with the house deeds is Wonderful! It is so much fun to see all these details! Thank you for the tour! I eagerly await the revealing of the next rooms!

  15. Thank you all for your lovely, positive comments. I'm so pleased you like what I've done with this. I just hope you don't get too weary wading through all the pics!

  16. Oh my! You did a wonderful job with this house. It's very
    elegant full of treasures, a museum piece.
    Hugs, Drora


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