Friday, 22 August 2014

The Staircase

I'm on the final push now to get this property finished so to this end I eventually  managed to get the Grand Staircase completed.   I know I've mentioned this before but I didn't think the original staircase matched the height of the property proportionally so decided to enlarge it.

As this is the first time I've done anything like this, I went with foamboard as it's easy to deal with and just replicated what was there already and followed the existing lines.   The tricky bit was working out the height as it went up the second staircase to the front door.

The joins were trimmed with wood trim and all topped off with a handrail, both were cut and scored to fit, with plenty of masking tape in place until the glue dried.   I was banking on many layers of paint to fill any gaps.

Here is the finished article also showing the self adhesive cork base (which has turned out to be an excellent find).

 All grand houses need a peacock!
I was going to get all clever and create plinths and fill urns with handcrafted foliage but decided against that (pretty quickly, I may add) and instead replicated the twisted topiary that is already on the balcony.
I've just got some curtains to replace in the basement and rehang a set in the Study, replace the front of the roof and that's it - job done so in the meantime, while I'm busy with all that, here's a wee peek through the front door.



  1. WOW! your staircase is perfect now. Well done! I can only imagine how much wok that was. It looks fantastic!

  2. Nice work, I never liked the basement steps on my house, can't wait to see inside.

  3. Hi Irene
    Your new and improved front steps are a triumph! The addition matches perfectly, well done. I laughed when you said about quickly changing your mind about the foliage etc, my ideas run away with me too sometimes and I scare myself into saying "no!".
    The view in through the front door is so inviting, I want to explore more...
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Irene! Your new expanded staircase looks much more "Grand" and fitting for the property! Well done to make the addition appear to be part of the original design! The cork also looks Very nice... with no gaps or distracting lines! I am in awe of anyone who "finishes" a dollhouse.... and you are tops for pursuing a project until it is done!!! I love the glimpse in the front door....! Very well done and Congratulations!!!

  5. Oh Irene the stairs look wonderful! Good job. Your tempting peek through the front doors makes me want to see more... :)
    All the best

  6. It looks very good Irene. You've done a great job with the handrails, they're flowing so nicely! I love the double front doors, offering us a tempting peek inside.

  7. Hello Irene,
    I too think you've done a great job with the staircase, it is a thing I would shy away from but you just did it!
    I agree with the others, The glimpse through the front doors makes me want to sneak in there on my toes and explore :)

  8. Hello Irene,
    Congratulations on a job well done! the staircase is beautifully designs and beautifully executed! It adds a lot of grandeur to the house. I love it! the peacock is the perfect touch.
    Big hug,

  9. Bonjour Irène,
    comme j'ai un peu de temps ce matin j'en ai profité pour visiter Hambleton Hall. Je suis émerveillé par cette maison et tous les trésors qu'elle contient. Une mention particulière pour l'uniforme de l'amiral, il est magnifique!! BRAVO!!

  10. Great job Irene! the staircase looks good, it works mush better with the scale of the building now. The peacock is fun too, I like little touches like that, they add so much to a miniature scene!


  11. The staircase suits the house perfectly. I love the photo with the door opened.


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