Sunday, 12 October 2014

Upper Floor

On arrival at the top of the stairs we encounter the "silent companion" and a fine bust of Nelson.

The bathroom is at the top of the stairs, to the left.

The little shells were a gift from Fi

The little bathmat was made for me by Kath, who also made the mat at the front door.

The towels, given to me by Blanche, turned out to be a perfect fit for the width of the towel rail.

Through the door at the back of the Bathroom is the doorway to the Store Room.

The croquet set is a kit purchased from Jane Harrop.

The mouse marks our speedy exit from the Store Room!   Only one more room at this level to see and that belongs to Janey, the Maid of all Work.


  1. Your work is beautiful, love this house.

  2. Hi Irene, All I can say is WOW!!! You have come a long way with your beautiful house. I love what you have done with Hambleton Hall. Great job as usual...

  3. Once again, Irene, I am blown away by your details!!! I particularly love the store room.... such a place for awesome little things that have been used through the years! And the bathroom is one of the most comfortable and elegant looking ones I have seen! The towels are amazing... and the cupboard with all the soaps... where did you get the teeny tiny lace for the shelf edging???? And you have received so many wonderful gifts from blogfriends through the years, it is really lovely to see all those gifts in their perfect spots! Keep up the Great work!!!

  4. Hello Irene,
    j'adore l'armoire avec les serviettes bien rangées (chez moi cela n'est comme ça ;-) Pauvre petite souris, j'espère qu'elle va éviter le piège.

  5. Irene, I am absolutely in love with your bathroom! The tub is so very striking. I could not have enough of looking at it. What a striking red that is and with the gold trim, it's out of this world! Also, what with all the gorgeous accessories, this is one of the most beautiful dollhouse bathroom I have ever seen. It must have been such painstaking work to secure the appropriate place for all those little accessories. Everything is as it should be. Also, the store room could not be more perfect. It must have taken such a long time to acquire all those little treasures it contains. Thank you so much for all those lovely photos!

  6. Hello Irene,
    The store room is fantastic. It is such a wonderful mini space and very original. The items you made and purchased to fill it are super.
    As for the bathroom, I'll keep it short: I think this is my very favorite miniature bathroom in Blogland. I LOVE it! Your work is at such a high level that I am always inspired.
    Big hug,

  7. Hi Irene, this is one of my favourite floors in the house, and the store room, one of my fave rooms! I remember when you were making the bathroom and all your trials getting the colours right. It all works so perfectly now. And so atmospheric with the lights on.

  8. This is really a fabuluous house. I see we have a same croquet set, you know that it is thanks to you that I have discovered Jane Harrop's kits.

  9. I love the bathroom and the storage room Irene! The rich color of the tub and the gold ornamentation is eye-catching and the bath mat with the lovely slippers is Perfect! The towels by Blanche, on the towel bar are of such fine quality and worthy of an Admiral and his lady!
    I Love the storage space and the fact that you have outfitted it so well with the kind of stuff that is usually found tucked away out of sight but still used periodically. I makes me want to snoop into all of the boxes and suitcases and such before I leave that room, just because I'm nosey! :D


  10. amazing.. avisual treat..was weaving stories in my mind..


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