Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Servant's Room

While Janey is engaged with her daily duties, we can take the opportunity to have a little look round her accommodation.

The script above her bed says "God Sees All".

Her box contains some family photographs, a length of fabric to make a new dress, a writing case and the family bible.   The box also doubles as a very useful bedside table.

The bonnet was a gift from Marlene.

There is a little Valentine card tucked away beneath her pillow.

On leaving Janey's room, the last room to be seen in the main part of the house, we can now make our way down the (imagined) back stairs to the Kitchen, Scullery and Housekeeper's room.



  1. Like the other rooms this one is perfect, what I love is all the little details that show that someone is really living there.

  2. It's a lovely room, lucky Janey, they weren't always so nice, the family must like her!

  3. I think I like Janey's room best because everything in it is so precious to her. Love the filled drawers.

  4. Es una preciosa habitación!!!! Janey tiene que estar muy contenta de poder refugiarse en ella!!

  5. The Valentine tucked under the pillow, is another favorite detail that I love Irene! Janey's room has the all the little details that make the space come alive. The bonnet hanging on the door is PERFECT for the atmosphere of the bedroom, as is the washstand with the used bar of soap and the box with Bible and the family photos inside. Such a cosy room for Janey, and it looks quite comfortable too!


  6. Hello Irene,
    Once again looking at your miniature artwork is like looking at a real life room. You always create a perfect layout for the space, your floors, doors and other architectural details always look real and aged, not fake at all. Finally your collection of miniature furniture and accessories is always of such high quality. Your work is the perfect example of our hobby done right. It is beautiful!
    big hug,

  7. Bonjour Irene,
    que voila une domestique très bien logée! L'ensemble est très harmonieux.


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