Saturday, 17 September 2011

A moment of madness and long awaited progress in the Salon.

I had a moment of madness the other day, as if I didn't have enough to do, and I decided to clean a room in my dollshouse! 

Not all the windows have been dealt with in the Hall and I'm ashamed to say I had some real life dust to deal with.

How embarrassing is that - the shame!

It actually turned out to be quite a good little exercise. It gave me the chance to look at some of the items in that room that I'd forgotten about and also reminded me of the fact that when I purchased the sideboard, my intention was to fill it. That will now be done.

Another job I've completed in this room is to make the curtains. I've had this fabric for about three years but was reluctant to cut into it because a) it was purchased from Susan Bembridge to co-ordinate with the wallpaper, and b) I wasn't quite sure how I wanted the pelmet to look so I decided to leave well alone until I could come up with something that was simple enough that it didn't clash with the paper but was grand enough given the status of the room.

I'm happy now!


  1. Beautiful! Good job! It is important that you are happy. :)

  2. Hello Irene,
    I have the say the curtains are lovely. You really chose a beautiful style and a great trim...Excellent work!

  3. It's so hard to find good servants, isn't it!

    Your curtains are perfect, well worth putting off until you knew what you wanted and I LOVE your wallpaper!

  4. Oh this looks very grand. I love everything here but especially the wallpaper and curtains. Such a pretty shade. Judith x

  5. What an exquisite room! The draperies are perfect. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes gets intimidated by certain projects.

  6. Irene, finally I have found your other Blogs as I wasn't aware of them before.
    I love your choice of fabric and wallpaper and the curtains are beautiful. I looked at her stand for ages at Miniatura and have been online too, hope you had a great day.

  7. Me encanta tu blog ,,,yo tambien tengo la misma casa ,,aunque sin hacer ( por el momento) me encanta como la estas decorando ,,seguire tus avances ,,,,besoss

  8. Irene, I love these curtains, please share the secret on how you made them, I am completely at a loss as to how to do mine!

    Andy xx


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