Monday, 5 September 2011

The lady of the house now has a room of her own.

I've been working hard these past few days to complete this room.   I feel I've been working on it forever.    The rug and the bonnet were the last items to be added and apart from any other little item that I might find at Miniatura, Birmingham at the end of this month - the room is finished.

The wallpaper came from a beautiful selection offered by Janny at Art of Mini.   The dainty little candlesticks came from Flora and her Etsy Shop as did the little box of letters on the table to the right. There was also a plaster bust from Flora but I wont be using that until I've got the curtains made.

The cranberry glass was all purchased from Glasscraft at various fairs.   The book on the bed is Jane Eyre from Dateman Books


  1. hello, a wonderful bed room I love all details. congratulations.

  2. Your hard work has paid off Irene, your attention to detail is exceptional, Beautifully done!

  3. This room is really lovely Irene.

    It looks so realistic and wonderfully inviting.... I really want to step into it, pick up the book and settle down in the fireside chair.


  4. It's lovely Irene. I love your headboard on the bed and the rug is wonderful and matches beautifully with the cranberry glass. Hubby and I are going to Miniatura at the end of the month too, I can't wait :0)
    Julia xxxx

  5. You have done a great job, it looks so realistic. The lady of the house must be very pleased.

  6. Very pretty, Irene!
    Love, Susanne

  7. It is a beautiful room! You have done a great job.

  8. I love this room. All the details are perfect, with them we seem to know more about the lady.
    Thank you for the links.

  9. Votre chambre est très réussie ! J'aime beaucoup le lit , fer forgé et jolies dentelles!

  10. The room is spectacular!

  11. Such an Elegant room! The Lady of this house is very fortunate indeed! All the little touches are so well thought out..... I LOVE the cranberry color.


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