Saturday, 3 September 2011

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

A few months ago I ordered some bits from The Mini Milliner, including a kit for this little bonnet.

This is the first hat I've made and can certainly recommend Margaret's kits. The instructions were clear and there were more than enough bits to complete the job. The little glove box and gloves are from Margaret as well but they came ready made.

I have to confess to taking it apart once as I hadn't got the scale quite right but after that it was very straightforward. This will be going into Her Ladyship's room and once I've had a chance to fiddle, I'll be back with pictures as it's pretty much finished.


  1. Te ha quedado perfecto!!!Besos.

  2. ooooooo i love that hat!! :D Linda x

  3. Beautiful hat!
    Thank you for the link, I had a look and there are many interesting things.


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