Sunday, 29 June 2014

York Fair

I was at the York Fair at the beginning of this month and as usual, had a great time.   I also had the chance to meet up with a few mini mates.
In my head I'm rattling on with this property to finally get it finished but in reality I haven't done anything to it for weeks!   I kept telling myself I'd get all the final bits needed from my visit to this fair but I didn't.   I now have to scour the web and get what I need that way.    More procrastination :-(
Having said all that, I did however manage to find these little gems -
All these items - a book on needlecraft, some sewing needles, pin cushion, tape and mushroom are for Janey, the Servant's sewing basket.
The little purse (from The Luggage Lady) will be put in her drawer.
I'm on a mission now to fill drawers, cupboards, boxes and baskets with items but I'll be calling the property "finished" when I've completed all the bigger jobs like the Grand Staircase and dealt with the inside of the roof.
Still with drawers/cupboards in mind, I picked up this little corset box too -
That's destined for Her Ladyship - she can't be caught without her stays!


  1. You have such a great eye for finding the perfect little finishing touches Irene! :D These are all wonderful and I can not believe that so much will be hidden away in drawers!? Now that is what I'd call "hidden treasure".


  2. Hello Irene,
    Good job! you found absolutely wonderful minis. they are all gorgeous but I love the pincushion most of all.
    Big hug,

  3. Hi Irene! Your mission to fill the drawers and closets is an eye-opener for me! To know that all the right stuff is tucked away Inside the drawers of the dresser... that is a step I have not reached!!! You are an inspiration! I LOVE the little sewing items you found for Janey! I always look forward to seeing what You bought at the Fair!!!

  4. As soon as I saw your miniatures I knew they were for the servant. I admire how you get all the rights details in your houses.

  5. Irene you have a knac for finding the coolest things, they'll look great in the Janey's room


  6. I am hoping to keep the house I am doing this time rather than selling it on so I can't wait to go on to fill drawers and cupboards as a way of collecting after the main things are done. I think it is a lovely idea, adding depth to the reality. Love your little finds as always. Procrastination is the name of my game too right now. marilyn

  7. I was recalling how you said in a recent post how difficult it is to cull out the minis you want from the huge array. You always seem to hone in on just the right pieces.

  8. It's also fine purchases you have made here. I love the delicate lady's box.

  9. That's a sweet collection of miniatures Irene!!


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