Sunday, 4 May 2014

Small progress

Not a lot has been happening on the miniature front here in Edinburgh as I've been spending time in the garden, time which has been long overdue!

It also gave me some thinking time regarding the baseboard and what to use.   Daydreamer and Josje suggested sandpaper (thanks for that, ladies) and I was thinking along those lines myself, trying to work out where a piece big enough could be found as joins were not an option.   The best idea that presented itself was sandpaper as used on floor sanders but that was as far as it went.

Then, (and we've all had them) - a light bulb moment!    Cork!    Even better, self-adhesive cork.   A quick look on ebay and there it was - exactly what I was looking for.   1 Metre long, 45 cms wide, 1.5mm thick self adhesive on a roll as used for craft projects.   Perfect.  

It has just been laid it down temporarily at the moment to let it flatten out but I think it's going to be just the job.    I'll let you know soon.


  1. Cork is just the thing... I loved what you got at miniature, great finds. I haven't done much with minis in a while as I have been sewing. But I must get back in the groove. Great to see you again.

  2. This looks like it'll work pretty well Irene

  3. Yes! It looks like you've found the answer Irene....and self adhesive too. Will watch out for the next update to see how it goes :-)

  4. Any progress, no matter how small, is still progress! I have never even heard of self adhesive cork,it looks good, is it very thick? are you planning to paint it?

    1. It's fab stuff, Andy. 1 - 2mm thick and available for crafting purposes. I wont need to paint it as it's fine the way it is. I'm really pleased with it - sometimes I surprise myself with the odd idea or two!


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