Thursday, 28 November 2013

York Fair

It has been a couple of years since I was last at this particular fair and I decided to combine it with a bit of Christmas Shopping, which was all well and good until it came to lugging all my purchases round the fair!   Thankfully a very kindly soul (the husband of a fellow miniaturist) let me stash my bag (Bag A) in his car for the duration of the event.   That meant I could whiz round with Bag B and stock up on all the minis I needed!
I managed to get the necessary bits for all three projects and these are some of the finishing touches for the Hall.   There's some wooden trim (for the external staircase), two Thomas Crapper loo roll boxes (I've had my eye on those for ages), a Christmas Storage box kit for the attic room and a magazine for the lady of the house.  
I know I'm supposed to have finished the interior but there's always that little something else that has to be had!

The additional bits were some acetate for windows, some extension sockets (I've not used these before but figured they might come in handy) and a set of keys.   No idea where they're going yet but some pewter-y coloured paint and they should fit right in somewhere.

All in all (although it doesn't look like much there) I had an excellent trip.


  1. I loved those extension leads and use them all the time, it's a great way of plugging in lamps and being able to change them with out moving the house to get at the wiring at the back.

    1. I'm glad you approve Marlene - it's you I got the idea from!

  2. It's great that you had a nice trip. Where are there many fairs around the world, I would like to visit this one, maybe one day.

  3. Irene, your little additions to the decor are, as usual, well thought out and utterly perfect!!! I use those extension plugs for things like plugging in the Christmas Tree lights or an extra table lamp... pretty mush as I would in RL! You just need to position them in a discrete but accessible place... especially if you are bothered by their "giant" appearance scale-wise!
    It looks like you had a great visit to the Fair!!!


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