Sunday, 8 July 2012

Time to relocate.

After 7 years in it's present position, Hambleton Hall is being relocated.

No. 2 son has flown the nest and although his room isn't the one I'm really after (that belongs to No 1 son) its a good temporary place to keep the minis and they'll all be in the one place.   No more walking miles for an 18" length of skirting!

Today I emptied all the rooms.   Have you ever done that?   It's amazing just how much stuff these little properties hold, not to mention the dust.    There are bits in there that I had forgotten all about and it was a nice little exercise to remind me of things that are not easily seen and only I know are there.

I think it's going to take some time putting it all back together again.   It might also be a good time to thin out some of the bits as well.

For some reason over the past couple of months, my oomph went but I'm hoping this little task will help me get back on track and raring to go again.   Nothing has happened in the bathroom since the last post.

Right now I need to rally the staff and get them cleaining.


  1. So true, about the dust! My dollshouse has moved twice in 20 years and I recently started work on it again, I had to clean it top to bottom! I think your house is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Hi, Irene!

    Good luck with your move...I have to say I'm a little jealous as I'm still working at the kitchen table! Everyone needs to have a break now & then and I know you'll jump back into it when you're good & ready! That new workroom ought to help, right? As always, Hambleton Hall looks majestic, even without its contents.

    Take care,
    --John XO

  3. Che meraviglia ..! Wow ..! E' una casa da sogno ..una favola di doll house! ..
    Complimenti ...!
    Un bacio

  4. Good luck with the move! I think it is fun to rearrange things in a room sometimes, so hope you enjoy yourself, mine usually ends up exactly how it was before!!

    I don't think I've seem all the rooms in this house before, so its nice to get to see them now, it is all quite splendid!!

    take care, and enjoy

    love Andy xxx

  5. Be careful, when we moved, I lost a dresser from Somerset House, it was one of the bigger items of furniture, never found it, but it is great to fnd all those little treasures.

  6. Sometimes you have to clean up in order to create new ideas. I'm curious how the house will look rearranged.
    Hugs from Craftland

  7. Dearest Irene
    I completely understand what you mean about losing your umph, but we are all so pleased you are back in the saddle.
    I can just imagine how much there was to remove, for an awful moment I thought you were going to say you were getting rid of Hambleton Hall.
    What an exciting prospect for you though to have everything in the one room (albeit not quite the room you after).
    Good luck putting it all back in.
    Best wishes
    Simon x

  8. OMG, what incredible work you did and you have to do ...
    But it's wonderful to bring together in one room all your dolls' houses: when you have more oomph, you can build a whole village, in N° 2 son's room!
    Min i lovely hugs

  9. Hi Irene
    I am a new miniature blogger, came by and visit me one day.
    Good luck with the clean and moving around in your beautiful dollhouse. It is something cozier to do these things in scale 1-12 than it is at
    Enjoy the work

  10. how exciting to get your own room!! :D Linda xxx

  11. Wow, Irene, that's a Big job!!! I think you'll discover all sorts of new ideas when you put it back together.... things never seem to fit the same way the second time around for me!! But I still have to "complete" them for the First time! LOL!
    I sure hope you do find your mini passion.... although everyone needs a break now and again! I really look forward to seeing the "New Hambleton Hall"!!!

  12. Hello Irene,
    I could of swarn I commented on this post. sorry about that. The Manor looks just beautiful. i love all the finishes you chose and all the rooms flow together so beautifully! Every room is so well finished and the details are so crisp and really do fantastic work.
    Big hug,


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