Saturday, 14 August 2010

Top That!

A couple of items arrived in the post this morning for The Admiral. A leather top hat box and a tiny pair of grey leather gloves.

They're from Margaret, the MiniMillner. Margaret also made The Admiral's hat.

I had to try it out, and yes - the top hat fits! I've had the leather top hat and cane for some time now and they were made by another Artisan. I know the hat should be the other way round, but it looked better in the photo this way - ha ha!


  1. ¡Que casualidad el sombrero de un artesano cabe en la sombrerera de otro artesano! ¡Increible! Muy buena compra. Besos Clara

  2. Un conjunto precioso!!!!
    Una buena adquisicion.
    besitos ascension

  3. Dear Irene, how could I do without you? Even today you have resolved a thorny issue that haunts me from time: to procure gloves!
    Ha ha ha :-)
    I see that we are right on the same wavelength ...
    The site you mentioned is wonderful, such as purchasing from you showing: this admiral is becoming more attractive ...
    I love everything about his house :-)
    Mini hugs, Mrs. Flora

  4. Perfect items for a gentleman.


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