Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Back from Miniatura

I had a great weekend at Miniatura and managed to find lots of lovely "must haves" which surprised me really given that the Hall is almost complete.   It just goes to show that no matter how much you have in a property, there's always room for more!
I think my favourite item from this little lot just has to be the gloves in the box.   They're made from leather, the thumbs are set just to the front as they would had they been 1:1 and they have a little opening to allow the hand in - the attention to detail is marvellous.
The reason I've shown this little box is this - if there was a prize for the nicest packaging of all the items I bought, this has to be a winner!   The little gloves were wrapped in tissue and put into this by Truly Scrumptious .



  1. Irene you got some beautiful items and I love the packaging. I saw some lovely things at Truly Scrumptious for a project I haven't started on yet.

  2. Wonderful purchases. You must have had a great time. I would love to go to that one.

  3. OOOOH, what a treasure! I fantasize about mini leather gloves...! And I guess most "properties" are never done.... there will always be the next little something to entice you! Here's hoping you are going to reward us with interior pictures!!! :)

  4. How Wonderful! All of your little treasures are so interesting and intriguing! The gloves are a Special Find and I only wish that I could see all of the fine details that you mentioned about them. I think that the pink doll's house packaging is soooo Clever! How do some folks think of such cool things as this? :D


  5. A lovely shopping trip! The gloves in the box are also my favourite. They are so dainty!

  6. Du har rigtig været på indkøbstur. Det må have været en dejlig tur. Igen dejlige køb.

  7. Hello, Irene !!! :-)
    I like your shopping items in Miniatura! I love your mini leather gloves! Are they by Truly Scrumptious?

  8. Has hecho unas compras magníficas!!! Esos guantes de piel son impresionantes!!!

  9. Hi Irene. I was there too. Smaller show than the autumn one but enough to go at. Lovely purchases as always. Are you doing the Edinburgh show on the 13th - is it worth four hours up the road for me? New owners I've been told. Marilyn

  10. Gorgeous purchases and the packaging is precious.

  11. Hi Irene,
    It was lovely to meet you after all this time :)
    Your purchases are lovely and the gloves are wonderful. Hambleton Hall must never be truly finished as I would miss your blog posts on it, it always leaves me in awe :)
    Julia xx

  12. The gloves are beautiful! Very special. Truly scrumptious make fantastic miniatures. Irene, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, a house is never finished, even mini ones :D


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