Friday, 17 February 2012

A decision has been made.

Thank you everyone who gave me suggestions and solutions to my dilemma.

I've made up my mind now and the larger space to the right will combine Nanny and Nursery, to the left of the hall will be the bathroom (I had to have one as I've already got the fitments) and the far left room will be a general attic space.

The bed was originally a garish gold colour that has since been painted black.

This decision was arrived at as I already have some of the furniture, ie. Nanny's bed, washstand, crib and of course the bathroom fittings.

I'm not too keen on the low level cistern so I'll be changing that and I've yet to choose the decor of the room but at least I'm a stage further on than I was a week ago and the only thing to do next is decide which room to start with!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Suggestions please.

These are the final three spaces to be filled in Hambleton Hall and I have a dilemma!   I thought I knew what I would be doing with them, namely a Nanny's Room, a Nursery and a Bathroom.   Now that it's time to start work, I'm not sure now.

These two spaces measure 6 1/2" wide  x 13 1/2" deep by 8" high (16.5cms W x 34.3cms D x 20.3 H).   My initial thoughts were - Nursery leading through to Nanny on the far left - ok so there's not a lot of space but she is a servant after all and babies don't take up that much space (at least not in my world!). 

I hadn't planned to have a door leading through - just a curtain.

The room to the far right was going to be the Bathroom.   It's a decent enough sized space at 10 1/2" wide x 13 1/2" deep x 8" high (26.7cms W x 34.3cms D x 20.3cms H) and it would allow me to have some furniture in there along with the bathroom suite.

Then I thought I could combine Nanny with Nursery and have them both in this room with a small bathroom and storage space leading off situated in the rooms on the far left.

I've thought about this for so long and dithered about so much I'm confusing myself so if anyone has any bright ideas, I'd love to hear them.   Thank you!

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