Monday, 19 March 2012

That's it for another six months!

I think I managed to do very well with this visit to Miniatura.   These items are all intended for the last three rooms left to do in this property.   I'm particularly pleased with the toilet roll holder (although it's upside down in the photo).   I'm really getting into the whitewood furniture and the little chair will hopefully find it's way into the Nursery (if there's room).   The golf clubs and rifle case and bag were purchased from The Luggage Lady who has marvellous things but no website unfortunately.

I also purchased some sundry bits that can be used in other properties, flooring, findings and fabric.   All I've got to do now is get on with it!


  1. Hi Irene, the loo roll holder is a nice little touch! The chair would look good painted Sweedish style in the nursery. I agree, white wood kits are a great way of furnishing a house economically.

    I love those little golf clubs, and the rifle case the owners obviously enjoy spending time in the Highlands!!

    Andy xx

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. The golf clubs etc looks wonderful, enjoy finishing off your attic space. I wonder, do we ever really finish off a place?

    1. Hello Irene,
      Absolutely lovely. I can';t wait to see them in the house. The chair is lovely! Beautiful shape! i can't wait.
      All the best,

  3. Great purchase, Irene! I love the bags :)

  4. Your gun case is making me drool!! sob ;) Lovely lovely lot of loot you've come home with, can't wait to see them in their 'homes'.

  5. It must be tough having to shop for more than one house, huh, Irene? Great stuff!

  6. More beautiful purchases!

  7. More Goodies to drool over! I LOVE the chair!

  8. I think my favourite item of the day has to be the loo roll holder - it's so different and I got the chair as part of an experiment. At £2.50, if it doesn't work, I've not lost much although I don't think you can ever have too many chairs.

    It is tricky shopping for more than one property, John! I looked at all the stuff and my head was jumping from one to the other as I considered my purchases!


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