Thursday, 2 June 2011

Irene, goodnight - Irene, goodnight..............

Well, maybe not for me, but certainly by me!

I'd been hunting for a suitable bed for Her Ladyship for quite some time but nothing really hit the spot (despite the fact that there are hundreds of beautifully dressed beds available) and because I didn't want a terribly "frilly" bed, I decided to have a go at making my own.   I did it using balsa wood, spindles and decorative railing.

I'd purchased some fabric at Miniatura with the bed in mind and I'm pretty pleased with the way it's turned out.   There is a lace robe "artfully" arranged at the end of the bed.

The little rose I've had for a while and the little bundle of letters were made by Flora


  1. This is marvelous! Isn't it fun making a unique miniature in the style you want? Excellent idea using the "iron" pieces.

  2. I love the simple elegance--magnificent! :-)

  3. It turned out so wonderful!

  4. ;-)
    You do it again!!!
    Strike :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  5. It is brilliant! I wondered if you had made the bed when you posted it on the DHE forum but comments made me think it was only the linen ( perfectin itself), and I didn't want to embarrass myself by asking :)

  6. You did a perfect job. The bed is great and I love the linen. It will look very good in the bedroom.

  7. Preciosa¡¡¡
    un trabajo impecable, muy romantica pero no recargada, es perfecta¡¡¡
    Felicidades por tan buenas manos, un beso

  8. A wonderful, elegant bed! I'm so happy I found your blog about beautiful Hambleton Hall.

  9. Me encanta la sencillez y la elegancia de la cama,te ha quedado perfecta!!!!!!!!


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