Sunday, 21 November 2010

An excellent idea....

As a follower of Casey's Minis, I had been looking through her Tutorial link and came across what I thought was a brilliant idea. Using a tile and some board, Casey had created a little backdrop that looked really effective when taking pictures of small arrangements.

It was something I just had to have a go at and here's the result. A tile, some board, wallpaper and scraps of skirting etc and voila, a decent backdrop for photos. Thank you Casey for the idea. I was very impressed!


  1. Irene, It looks really good! I am glad that you liked the tutorial.

  2. Casey is full of good ideas - this one is simple and effective - very nicely made!

  3. ¡Perfecto set fotografico!
    Besos Clara

  4. I like the wallpaper and floor you chose, looks very good, can't wait to see which little arrangements and goodies you will present!

  5. It is a very good idea indeed. And yours look great.


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