Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Bed.

This is the bed I purchased some time ago for the Master's Bedroom. It's got horrible fabric on it so that had to go. This is the first bed I've dressed and wasn't quite sure of the look I was after, bearing in mind that the occupant is a serious Admiral of the Fleet. I always think it doesn't do to get too cocky when doing this type of thing for the first time so I've kept it all relatively simple and this is what I've settled on:

Curtains next.


  1. Well it looks fab so you can be really proud of your first try :)


  2. I'm really enjoying your blog, Irene! It's incredible that that's your first attempt -- you have a real gift for this. It's just perfect -- slightly subdued, elegant and totally in scale. Wow! It really makes all the difference, doesn't it, when the fabric is upgraded as you've done? Brava!

  3. WOW! Your FIRST try. That is gorgeous!

  4. I know how hard it is to get fabric to look right - you've done a superb job, Irene!

  5. Irene, this bed suit the period and social class in which the owner lives, evidently. Is beautiful and fortunately no needs further adjustments because it is so perfect :-)
    The detail of the top hat and cane makes me dream ...
    What a charming man sleeping in this bed!!!

  6. No parece la misma, te ha quedado preciosa!!!!
    El detalle del sombrero y el baston me encanta
    besitos ascension

  7. Hello Irene! I just stumbled across your blog...and your work is beautiful. I think you've done a very fine job with the bed. The fabric chosen looks perfect and so is the execution of the "make-over". Well done!

  8. You did a very good job.
    I think it's perfect for a serious man.

  9. Dear Irene, in honor of your beautiful bed I have just published a post with a special invitation for the Admiral.
    I wait for you :-)

  10. Hello Irene, I am a new follower, congratulations for your blog and for your minis I like very much. I loved your country, I stay here in August of 2003, I wait come back. Best wishes

  11. Irene, thanks for registering at my blog and your kind comment.
    As the Admiral bed literally enchanted me, I wanted to pay homage by the Lady who lives in Villa Elisa ...
    At that time it would have given much scandal!
    I hope you will soon solve the problems with translation.
    Yours affectionately

  12. Hi Irene,

    it's a perfect bed! You've done an amazing job on it.Can't wait to see what you do with mi'lady's bed now.

  13. Wow! Your version is adorable! Great job Irene!

  14. Your bed is perfect for a gentleman of his station. Look forward to seeing the completed bedroom, I am sure it will be splendid.

  15. I've just found your blog and read it from beginning to end. Your work is amazing and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your work with others.


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