Sunday, 21 February 2010

Something different.

It's been a little while since any work was done on Hambleton Hall. I've been searching for just the right wallpaper for "His" bedroom and at long last, I've found it so hopefully there will be progress with that room.

I was searching through my stock of photographs and thought I'd post these two pics that were taken some time ago. I got quite adventurous and had a little play with effects. I was keen to see how "real" looking I could make the room. I quite like the sepia finish.


  1. It's interesting to see the setting in sepia, I like it. Looking forward to the 'reveal' of "His" bedroom :)

  2. Hi Irene

    It looks like it's come straight out of a National Trust book! I'd love to visit Hambleton Hall in real size. Guess I'd have to shrink to 6 inches first



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